How and where we do the collection?

Although different species of herbs are found naturally in the highlands and mountains, the renewed importance that they are getting, both in Spain and the rest of Europe, makes use of special importance to the cultivation of these species.

In Esencias Ecológicas Priego, aware of this situation, part of the crop is grown by themselves, most harvesting is done in different places saw in the areas of Granada and Almeria, based on traditional knowledge and always conducted in a sound and sustainable, extracting the correct amount of ground for the continuation of the species in the area, thereby ensuring the collection for years.

Harvesting is done on plants in an optimal state of maturation, in which there is a higher concentration of active ingredients, which are scarce in youth and decrease progressively with aging. These also vary by state life cycle in which the plant is, with highs for nearly all species, just before flowering.

Essential Oils extraction?

The process by which essential oils are extracted from aromatic plants, is called distillation. This is a physical process in which there will be no change of substance, but simply a separation takes place by steam distillation of the plant in question, which carries oil extracts and essential as having a low point of volatilization.

The water vapor with the oil is channeled to a condenser where, with the help of cooling with cold water condenses, separating oil from water density differences.

Because the plant is not in contact with water, making the most of active ingredients, with virtually no loss of them.